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Effective May 2015 – we moved to a farm in Lititz, PA (Kissel View Stables) – continuing to offer lessons.  If you  have interest, please feel free to get in touch with Karolyn:  717-951-4047.

Kids & Adults welcome – it is NEVER too late to learn to ride! We offer lessons for the beginner through advanced rider in the English disciplines. It is preferred to start out with a few 1 hour private lessons – to give us the chance to evaluate the student and determine their abilities. Moving to a ½ hour private lesson (saddle time) when they are able to come in advance and prepare on their own will then follow.  Group lessons are also available for the rider that is able to independently handle their horse/pony safely.

Pricing effective July 1st, 2013

Prices for lessons on SCHOOL HORSES 

  • 1 Hour Private lesson/evaluation – $55                                                                            
  • ½ Hour Private Lesson – $40                                                                                         
  • Group Lesson/similar riding abilities – $40 (3/4 – 1 hr long according to # of students – between 2 – 5 in the ring at once)
  • 1 1/2 hr BEGINNER TEAM lesson – $100 (2 siblings/friends interested in working together – preparing/cleaning up as a team and each get 1/2 hr saddle time)
  • Haul ins welcome
  • “Free Riding” – when a current student that is approved for independent riding time uses a school horse outside of a lesson (Private ride, use at event) – $25 per use


– Hunter / Jumpers
– Lower Level Eventing – (Cross Country – Dressage – Stadium Jumping)
– Pleasure riders who just want to improve their riding skills and have fun

– Haul Ins welcome for lessons as well as training rides

Lessons In Action



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Stable Rules



Lesson Level Classification

Students will be evaluated and placed in lessons according to their ability.  All new students are required to begin with a 1 hour evaluation no matter what level you represent yourself to be.

ABSOLUTE BEGINNER– Has no horse experience at all. Does not know to halter, bridle, saddle or mount a horse. Does not know the proper cues to make a horse go, stop, turn, etc. Does not understand the basics of horses behaviors and is not comfortable around horses.   These students will spend time learning the basics of horse prep and when mounted will be on a lunge line.  Lessons will be private and 1 hour long.

BEGINNER-A rider with limited experience. May have had a few lessons, ridden some or has had some instruction from knowledgeable horsemen. Will need some help saddling, bridling, and mounting a horse. Has not mastered posting and bounces at a trot.  Is not comfortable riding on a horse, but knows the basic cues of how to make a horse stop, go and turn. A beginner should be able to control a well trained horse at a walk and trot before advancing.  Lessons will be private and 1 hour long.

ADVANCED BEGINNER – A rider who has advanced enough that they can halter, bridle and saddle a horse unassisted. They can also mount and ride off unassisted. An advanced beginner will be learning to control at a canter on a well trained horse and start the basics of trot poles & introduction to X-rails.  Advanced Beginners would be eligible for private or group lessons.

CONFIDENT BEGINNER – A rider who has the ability to do all of the above, but has no anxiety when riding horses. This rider will be able to give firm and persuasive cues when needed, and is OK riding a less willing horse that may need more guidance and aids. A Confident Beginner will have mastered cantering, trot poles and going over X-rails.   Confident Beginners would be eligible for private or group lessons.

NOVICE -A rider who is capable of applying all tack and mounting and dismounting unassisted, comfortable and in control at the walk, is able to post a trot, (no longer has toes down and bounces) and is in control at a canter.  A novice rider will have enough balance to properly use their stirrups, and does not give the horse unintentional cues by “squeezing” the horse with their legs to hang on.  A novice rider understands what leads are and is able to tell or is learning what lead their horse is on.  Novice riders have mastered X-rails & are being introduced to jumps up to 18″.  Novice riders would be eligible for private or group lessons.

INTERMEDIATE – Students are able to walk/trot/canter comfortably on their own. They can jump small cross rails and maneuver a horse through a small jump course.  Students should be in control and jumping 18 inches to 2’3″ before they “graduate” from this level.   An intermediate rider will have ridden for years and has ridden many different levels of horses.  Intermediate riders would be eligible for private or group lessons.

INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED – An Intermediate Advanced rider has a sure, steady, and comfortable seat. They are confident and do not apply unintentional aids. Can control the horse in all movements. Rides regularly and knows how to ride. Really feels comfortable on a responsive, forward moving horse, and has soft hands. Has no problems controlling a horse in exercises such as cantering circles, making transitions that require flying lead changes, rating a horse’s speed, and knows how to sit down at a stop. They know how to ask a horse for a specific lead and lead changes.  They can jump at least 2 foot fences and should progress to jump 2’9″ or above.  Students in this level will work on jumping full courses and developing the skills that are needed to train with more advanced horses.  Advanced riders would be eligible for private or group lessons.

ADVANCED  – An Advanced rider is someone that has ridden all their life on a regular basis and has had advanced lessons. Currently competes at high levels in their discipline, has enough ability to give lessons and can train/break horses. 


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