Meet Our Staff

The Gehman family, along with a wonderful group of dedicated young ladies, take care of the horses on a daily basis. We employ several high school/college students, along with 2 trainers at our facility (and an occasional clinician). It would be our pleasure to serve you, should you choose to join us for lessons/boarding.

Staff sporting their new jackets for Christmas 2013.

Danielle Gehman

Sarah Gehman

Sarah started in 4h at age 8 – but only lasted a few years. Sports took over her life! She is our resident photographer (if you see a cool picture – she most likely took it!) She helps with the care of the horses (when home!) – and isn’t afraid to handle any of them! She always has a smile on her face and a willing heart!  Sarah is with YWAM and gets to travel all over the world on exciting mission adventures!  She pops in now and again to lend a hand and of course – take some pictures!

Rachael Gehman

Rachael started riding at age 8 – has been involved with 4h over the years, and LOVES HORSES! Her horse is “Atticus” and they LOVE to jump (definately following in her older sister, Danielle’s, footsteps)!  She is currently a Sophmore at Grove City College and helps whenever she is home.

Jessica Gehman

Jess – Now 16, just like all of the other Gehman girls – started out in 4h at age 8 – but began riding way before that. She was always the sidekick to her sisters at the 4h events & shows so it was destiny. She too LOVES to ride – and is usually in the ring everyday with all of the other kids just having fun. She pitches in and helps with the care of the horses regularly. Very much like her sister Sarah – always has a BIG smile on her face! Jessica started working with a new pony Spring of 2012 and has come a LONG way! He is a 10yo Paint/Morgan cross named Greyson….

Greg & Karolyn Gehman

Owners of the farm – Greg dabbles in the Racing (Standardbred & Thoroughbred) side of things and Karolyn manages the daily running of the farm – scheduling/ordering/maintenance – whatever it takes!

The ENTIRE Gehman Clan

The entire Gehman family – we have 9 children, 4 boys and 5 girls – the oldest Mike (32) teaches English at an Eskimo village in Alaska with his Wife Leah, next in line is Chris (30) – married to Maria, Danielle (26), Rebecca (24), Sarah (22), Rachael (19), Joshua (18), Jessica (15) & Adam (10)

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